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Understanding Our Pricing. Here's how it works:

Price Inclusion: Prices are influenced by your choices, including the jar type, label style, box design, and the quantity you order.

Savings Unleashed: Ordering in larger quantities can unlock significant savings, making it more affordable as you buy more.

Final Price: The exact price for your customized candle will be displayed during the checkout process. So, you'll always know what to expect.


Labels are adhesive stickers or decals that are commonly used for decorative, informative, or promotional purposes. They come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Here's an overview of sticker specifications:

  • 1. Material and Finish: 70 lb. label is recommended for indoor use and best applied for decorative purposes. It is not suitable for exposure to water or moisture

  • 2. Sizes and Shapes: Stickers can be cut into various shape designs and sizes, see reference below.

  • Personalize your own label

    Simply upload your own design, and we'll turn your personalized label into reality. Our 3D visual will unveil your sticker's appearance, ensuring your layout comes to life. Our Online Tool lets upload your design using the downloadable label template for your candle jar and box. Preview it before production and let's bring your personalized label to life!

    Label Templates
    Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

    Own Design
    You can upload your design using our downloadable template for each format type. Please refer to the candle and box label templates below.
  • Candle and box label templates

    Save time using our free templates. Our templates have been set up with proper bleeds and margins, ensuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file and click on the size below.

Fragrance Library

Embark on a sensory journey with our handpicked selection of 100 distinct scents. These fragrances are your key to crafting a truly exceptional, one-of-a-kind customized candle.


These are the initial aromas that you'll notice as soon as you light the candle. They create the first impression and are often fresh and invigorating.

  • Citrus
  • Green
  • Aromatic
  • Marine/Ozone Aquatic
  • Aldehie


Also known as the heart notes, these scents emerge once the candle has been burning for a while. They provide depth and character to the fragrance.

  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Spicy
  • Herbaceous


The foundation of the fragrance, these notes become prominent as the candle burns further. They are rich and long-lasting, adding a sense of warmth and comfort.

  • Woody
  • Gourmand
  • Musk
  • Amber/Vanilla
  • Animalic
  • Powdery

    Fragrance Family

    Take note of your fragrance - It's essential for customizing your candles!
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